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Experience a Vacation in Croatia Completely Free!

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary in the market, we have prepared an extraordinary competition for you that can secure you a free stay in Croatia! If you are planning a vacation in 2024, you have a unique opportunity not only to have a great experience but also to spend your vacation entirely free in the following year! Just become our client!

Conditions for participating in the competition:

  1. Purchase a vacation with us in the 2024 season and complete your stay.
  2. Three days after the end of your vacation, we will send you a satisfaction questionnaire. Simply fill out this questionnaire by October 20, 2024, and you won’t miss out on participating in the competition.

A few simple steps can earn you more entries into the drawing and increase your chances of winning:

Important Conditions:

  • Anyone who reserves and completes a stay in Croatia during the 2024 season can participate in the competition. The competition does not apply to stays booked through partner agencies.
  • If a client reserves and completes multiple stays during the 2024 season, they will receive only 1 entry into the drawing.
  • A client can receive a maximum of 4 entries into the drawing, as described in the “A Few Simple Steps” section above.
  • The satisfaction questionnaire must be completed by October 20, 2024.
  • The winner will be randomly drawn on November 1, 2024.
  • The won stay cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The won stay can be gifted to someone else.
  • The won stay must be completed in 2025.
  • The winner can choose any stay in Croatia of equal value to the one they reserved in 2024.
    For example: If a client purchased a stay worth 30,000 CZK in 2024, they can, in case of winning, select any stay from the website of the same value (i.e., 30,000 CZK) for free.
  • The prize applies only to accommodation, and reimbursement for travel expenses, which the client pays themselves, is not possible.

Competition Organizer:

  1. The organizer of the competition is the travel agency ADRIA DATABANKA, s.r.o., located at Panská 2, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Their company registration number (IČO) is 26939207, and their tax identification number (DIČ) is CZ26939207. They are registered with the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 46479.
  2. The competition is not subject to Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on gambling, as amended by subsequent legal regulations.


  1. Any individual over the age of 18 who directly reserves a stay in Croatia with CK Adria Databanka and completes it during the 2024 season is eligible to participate. This includes individuals who reserved stays in the 2024 season before the official start of the competition on March 10, 2024.
  2. Persons who are in a professional or partnership relationship with CK Adria Databanka, s.r.o., as well as their close relatives, are not eligible to participate.
  3. If a participant reserves more than one stay during the 2024 season, the values of these stays are not combined in case of winning. If a participant wins, they can choose a stay of equal or higher value from the stays completed during the 2024 season. For example, if Mr. Novák reserved and completed two stays in 2024—one worth 30,000 CZK and the other worth 15,000 CZK—upon winning, Mr. Novák can select a free stay worth 30,000 CZK.

Rights and Obligations of CK Adria Databanka:

  1. CK Adria Databanka is obligated to notify the winner both electronically via email and by phone.
  2. If CK Adria Databanka fails to contact the winner through any of the aforementioned methods within 10 consecutive calendar days, CK Adria Databanka has the right to conduct a new drawing and select a new winner.
  3. CK Adria Databanka reserves the right to publish the winner’s name on its website and social media platforms.

Personal Data:

  1. For the purposes of this competition, participants acknowledge the processing of personal data for record-keeping, publication, and prize delivery.
  2. CK Adria Databanka is the data controller for this personal information.

So don’t hesitate—become our client! Perhaps you will be the one enjoying a beautiful free vacation in Croatia! 🌴🌞🏖️

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For holidays in Croatia in the season 2024 you will recieve a discount from 3 % to 5 % of the total price (Discount is valid until 30.04.2024).

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When ordering your holidays in Croatia by one person:

  • group of 8 – 11 persons
    discount 20 €
  • group of 12 – 15 persons
    discount 40 €
  • group of 16 – 20 persons
    discount 60 €
  • group of 21 – 25 persons
    discount 80 €
  • group of 26 – 30 persons
    discount 120 €
  • groups of more than 30 persons
    a discount agreement

Amount for the stay must be paid on one invoice
and will be issued only one voucher.

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